Chris S. Hirsch bio. Information:


Born: 1953 in Houston, TX


Sixth generation Texan direct descendent of John Foster, came to Texas in 1822 with Stephen F. Austin’s ‘Original 300’ settlers.  Chris lives within 20 miles of the original family Spanish land grant.


Attended St. Edwards University, Austin, and University of Texas, Austin.


Avid gun collector, bought first antique gun at age 14, built first ‘Kentucky Rifle’ at age 16.  Built over 150 rifles in the late 1970’s thru early 1990’s.  Made special ‘Kentucky Rifle’ for President Ronald Reagan and delivered it to him in the Oval Office on December 7, 1981. On the cover of the March, 1982 American Rifleman Magazine, with Reagan.  Now a fulltime gunsmith specializing in repair and restoration of antique firearms. Enjoys hunting, fishing, outdoors, bluegrass music, poker tournaments, and wildlife photography.


Very active in historical research and on site excavations, is part of official group that searches for battle relics (with metal detectors) at the site of the battle of San Jacinto.


Professional musician in the mid-1970’s, became Texas State Banjo Champion 3 times, 1988 Southwest National Banjo Champion, released six albums and appeared on dozens more.  Radio DJ on Houston’s KPFT-FM with show called The Bluegrass Zone since 1987 and is active in promoting bluegrass music in the Houston area.  Leader of The Lonestar Bluegrass Band since 1982.