Please be on the lookout for these stolen instruments. 

Stolen along with a van in Houston, TX, from the band,

Trout Fishing In America on January 29, 2012. 

 If found, please contact the Houston police

and the band at 479-761-3630.


Also (if found in Houston) call Chris Hirsch, at 281-491-1680 or 281-788-3840



Rick Turner Renaissance Steel String Guitar with Schaller mini gold tuners.

The guitar is unique because of his daughters "guitar tattoo". Serial # 00-1311


Neckville Dual Pickup Electric Banjo with Humbucker pickup, Hexagon inlay

and also unique with his daughter's "banjo tattoo". Serial #665


Tacoma Bass Guitar with custom neck. Serial # G2035010


Sadowsky Bass guitar w/case Stolen in Houston, TX 1/29/12 Serial# M2942 Model RV2-59B



Clevinger Bass Serial #4189



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Enke Fretless Guitar (Custom - no Serial #) Spalted Maple Top

The Van